“Not Never, Later” – Staying Firm While Being Humble

As I wrote in my last post, life has admittedly come at me tough.

I’ve had my ups and downs, and to be completely transparent, still to this day wrestle with my inner demons. Am I confident today? Will I make it to my goals? Are my goals still my goals? Am I staying true to God’s path for me? Is it okay to give up? Am I a failure?

All perfectly normal questions that we might ask ourselves in times of duress. Let’s face it, when your back is to the wall, you have either two options: fight, or flight, and in either of those options your mind still wants to hypothesize; it still wants to try to guess the end result. There’s something that is worth embracing in these moments though, and it’s often tough to think about when haymakers are being thrown at your face every second:

“Not never, later.”

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The Power of Practice – What Practice Means for You

In my last piece, “The Real Reason Why – I Work Out”, I wrote the following:

“In my opinion, the best way to get decent at your craft is to practice it a lot.”

And today, I thought I would shed some seriously awesome info with you as to why—and how—practice actually effects your proficiency at any given subject. Whether that be writing as I am now, solving complex mathematical equations, singing, or playing a sport—practice does scientifically help you get better at a skill.

Practice may never lead us to be perfect—we’re never going to reach that bar objectively—but it sure will help us in another big way.

Making us a beast at what we do.

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The Real Reason Why – I Work Out

On some mornings—after I get done with my morning routine—I like to browse the internet in search of stuff to inspire me to hit the keyboard and write. In my opinion, the best way to get decent at your craft is to practice it a lot. So for me, that means reading a lot to write even more. Pretty sure I have 3 books I’m juggling reading, all at the same time right now, but that’s beside the point.

I wandered over to Health.com and found this fun little article, “The Real Reason I Work Out? Because I Want to Live in Leggings”. Granted, I don’t wear leggings, and I never will (99.9% guaranteed!)—but the article really made me smile.

The article is nothing comprehensive, nothing crazy deep, and that’s the good thing. Because it’s simple and a point of inspiration.

So I decided to write my own.

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The Best Alternative to Soda (Pop)

So I’ve written a couple of times about soda, and it being a formidable enemy to the fitness/weight-loss habits of pretty much anyone, ever. And that still remains true—all of those studies I linked in those articles aren’t going away, and aren’t disappearing anytime in the near future.

The fact remains that soda is loaded with sugar, and can largely contribute to whether you’re tipping that scale the wrong direction or not.

But there is an alternative—one I feel like is forgotten and mostly overlooked, simply because it’s a bit different, unpopular and painfully obvious to start trying.

Carbonated (Sparkling) Water.

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Being a “Man” in Fitness

It’s somewhat comical when I think about hypermasculinity. “Hypermasculinity” is the notion that there are certain things that are more “macho” and legitimate for men than other things, and that those things should determine and somewhat dictate societally how much of a “man” a particular guy is. It’s been a cultural phenomenon for quite a long time, actually. You can seriously take a look back to the early 80’s to see very real studies and opinions surface about the subject; studies about why men feel the urge to measure other men to a figurative measuring stick. In that regard, the thought behind it is kind of outdated—it’s been thirty years or so since that time, and a lot has changed culturally.

Yet, in the world of fitness, hypermasculinity is very much still a thing.  It still lives in the minds of dudes wanting to lift and get fit all across the world.

Is hypermasculinity in fitness a bad thing, or is it warranted for men looking to be physically active?

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Rise – Coming Up After the Fall

A couple days ago I was at my local grocery store. I just needed a few things (and, for that day, wanted to cheat my normal dietary habits a bit), so there wasn’t really an objective so much as it was eye shopping for my “cheat foods”. After turning out of the frozen food aisle, I noticed a small child just walking along, minding his own business. He must have been maybe four years old, tagging along with his mom on a shopping day. I smiled watching, because kids are still pretty darn adorable at that age.

Then inexplicably, he toppled to the floor…hard. Face first onto the floor.

The mother turned quickly and, like any good mother should do, tended to her child asking if he was alright—when he clearly wasn’t—then scooped him up and away to comfort him. All I could do is say to myself, “Poor kid, he was just walking.”

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