The Morning Short #2 – Loved

16And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” –1 John 4:16 (NIV)

This morning, as it’s Valentine’s Day, remember that there is a love that encapsulates all of you. It lives within you—it is a part of you. And that love is so great, that no matter where you are right now—no matter what you think you did in the past—it’s still there. He still loves you, no strings attached. Today, when you say “I love you,” to your loved one, or think about the act of love, remember the immense, real love God has for you.

Show love to others today, not just because it’s a holiday about it. Show love because God loves you, and you want to reciprocate that and emulate that for those around you.


Language – Interpreting Ourselves and Others

Having returned and lived here for almost 6 months now—and also having been raised here through university—I think it’s fair to say that I can compare my two home countries. One being Korea, the country where I was literally born, and the other being the United States. It’s an interesting dynamic that goes on in my heart, because I feel so tied to both countries in different ways. My blood and soul belongs in Seoul, Korea (and my birth-town of Yesan-gun). And while I still to this day feel a great sense of comfort there with Koreans that goes much deeper than what I feel in the US, I still also feel a strong sense of belonging here too—there are just some mannerisms that have been ingrained in me from the US that just don’t fit over there.

One commonality that I’ve noticed, between my times in both countries however, is the importance of language; like how it pertains to people’s lives. I don’t just mean verbal, word-driven language either. There are a number of ways that we communicate to each other, and that gives each of us our own powerful, individual “languages” that we use on a daily basis. If you are constantly interacting with people and being social—and believe me, you are—then you are using your individual language.

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Accountability – Building Trust in Life

Recently, I had a discussion with my older sister. Life comes at you fast, and sometimes, especially when things are going south, you need to confront some key issues and actions. You need to occasionally take a seat, rewind with some powerful introspection, and say,

“Well shoot, I have problems.”

And that’s exactly what we did. We sat down, took 3 hours to talk—like real brothers and sisters should do sometimes—and started hashing out the realities of not just her situation, but our lives. I need to give her credit; she usually is hesitant to point the finger at herself when it comes to blame. But that day, she was all in. She was locked in the moment we got serious, and straight up knew what needed to be done.

“You need to develop a sense of accountability.”

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Some Birthday Reflections


It’s February 7th, and once again, my birthday has come. It’s kind of weird to me, the appeal and celebration of a birthday—sure, when I was a kid I used to love my birthday, because of presents and parties. But as I grew older, especially when I got into my junior and senior years of university, I cared a lot less about celebrating my day of birth. A lot of people give me flak about how I feel about my birthday. They jokingly prod me, saying, “It’s your birthday though! Who doesn’t celebrate their birthday? This is the day you were born; the day God brought you into this world!”

Yes, you’re all right, this is a day that I should be thankful for.

And I am, deep down, always grateful to God for putting me on this earth. For me to be living and breathing, able to dance; able to make relationships—that’s a heck of a blessing. A lot of the time in the hustle and bustle of life, I, like many of us, forget to really reflect on those types of things. But birthdays come, and, well, here we are. Celebrating (internally, without the party or fanfare) the fact that I’m another year older, and another year wiser.

So instead of making some post about what I’m doing today for my birthday (hint: nothing remotely exciting), I wanted to share why I’m thankful on this day, and why today is special to me. Just without the “doing extra special stuff” part.

I’m really thankful for my loving girlfriend. We’ve been through our ups and downs—what couple hasn’t—but for her to stick with a guy like me for about a year and a half now, coming to two, is amazing to me. She is so gracious, loving, and a lot of the time more of an example of humility and doing what Jesus would do than me.

I’m really thankful for my birth mother for putting me up for adopting me. She knew she didn’t have the financial means, or the perfect life situation to handle taking care of me. So she did the most intelligent yet extremely difficult decision of probably her whole life, and gave me to an adoption agency to have a better life. Without this pivotal life choice, I probably wouldn’t even be alive.

Just as well, I’m super thankful for my adoptive parents for raising me. Yeah, we might disagree on things or argue—we are very different people with very different blood, after all—but they raised me, in my opinion, right. They taught me character and hard work, responsibility, and through it all still loved and supported my decisions and gave me a lot of freedom and independence because of those lessons they taught.

I’m thankful for my friends, who act as family to me. Friends come and go, but there are so many people that I’ve met that have touched my heart. They have supported and been there genuinely with me through the crappy times, and even recently, reached out in really powerful ways. Even when I fail, they refuse to leave. What amazing, amazing people.

I’m thankful for the support of people for what I do. We may not know each other personally, or have met face-to-face, but even these days it’s so humbling to get to know people who follow my dancing and writing. You guys keep me going, especially in these days where things are kind of tough.

I’m thankful God gave me the opportunity to now be forever linked to my heritage. Going back to South Korea was always a dream of mine as a kid, and if it weren’t for God making things line up just right back in university, I would have never gone. It changed me so much as a man of Christ, and as a person in general, that it’s natural (and right) for me to call Korea “home”, and to be so connected with friends over there, too.

I’m thankful people refuse to quit. Seriously, every one of you who doesn’t allow defeat to define you; who doesn’t allow negativity to persuade you to something else…you guys make my life brighter. Because we all have greatness in us, and all have destinies that we have to achieve. Now, more than ever in America, I see more people refusing to lie down and fight for right ideals and virtues, and it inspires me and heartens me to continue with my mission as well.

On a small, less powerful note, I’m thankful I haven’t broken a bone. No, seriously. I do crazy stuff as a B-Boy, and I haven’t broken anything yet. What a blessing.

On this day, most importantly I want to celebrate you. The readers, and the people out there who are doing their thing! You’re doing so much more than you know. People are counting on you for a whole slew of things: love, caring, motivation, relationships, inspiration, action, and more! You are what makes others around you pick themselves up and take another step forward in this muddy swamp we call living. You are the people that are fueling our world to greater things—and no matter how big or small your actions are, they are building. They are building, and they are making our world a better place, one day, one second at a time.

Thank you everyone, for being who you are.

Thank you everyone, for doing what’s right and following what God’s given you.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

Bridge – A Short Poem

I am a bridge
You step on me, but I was built to endure.

My beginning was built from the scraps
I was nothing but a tiny thing in the dirt
You probably stepped over me then, too.
That’s okay.

I am a bridge
You step on me, but I was built to endure.

Someone was kind enough to take my nothings
Cobble them together into this structure
Give me a purpose that is unique
A path that is put on me.

I am a bridge
You step on me, but I was built to endure.

I see other bridges sometimes
They might be shinier, or more “polished”
But when the wind blows; the storms crash
They topple.

I am a bridge
You step on me, but I don’t grumble.

My function is to connect with love
It’s to get one to another
To bridge the gap and give opportunities
In places unknown.

I am a bridge.
You step on me, and I am thankful.

Heart – A Short Poem


It’s a tender thing to learn to accept

Sometimes it’s beautiful
Beating to the tune of 150 BPM
Feeling freedom within every breath
Pulsating with the knowledge
That the rhythm is but a beautiful dance

Sometimes it’s ugly
Beating to the tune of 150 BPM
Fueled only by sordid motives each sec
Pumping with an adamant goal
To make another heart feel its’ raging steps

It’s a tender thing to learn to accept

Sometimes it just needs rest.

Real Love – Not a How to Guide

If there’s one abstract concept that we all still have yet to fully understand, it’s love. From children to old adults that have seen it and done it all, the concept of love is a difficult thing to grasp. What is it? How does it work? Why are there some common bonds that everyone can relate to, yet every situation so different? Is there a perfect way to love someone?

A doctor can’t tell you how to love someone well—no matter what or who tries to sell you “prescription love”, it’s not a thing. There’s no one trick that if you do this, everything will be revealed and you will discover love’s secrets. And no matter how many websites you go to, no matter how many things or people you view or talk to—or how many things you click—love will not come that easily. Yes, love is the most elusive object of our desires. We all want it, and we all need it.

And I’m not here to tell you, unlike those other guys or girls—those “gurus”—how to love, or what are the “best practices” and tricks.

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