How Happy – Poetry

How happy am I
Walking through a barren, dry land
Even when the dust kicks into my eyes
And not a drop of refreshment in sight

How happy am I
Feeling the call of the wind to go, move
Howling in my ears and so obnoxiously loud
And my legs are cut from under me

How happy am I
Wading through an ocean filled
The waves unrelenting, cresting high
And nothing remains to cling on and ride

How happy am I
Staring at a thousand men, armed
Their eyes, daggers and bodies primed
And all I have is myself and a shield

Still how happy am I
As I fall asleep and awaken from slumber
The sun feeding me energy and breath in my body
And still! There is a promise He has given me.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach


Change – Poetry

C are about the chance to take a step into the unknown, if only to get a glance at opportunity.
H ope in the confidence that, no matter what unravels, you truly are secure and it will be worth it.
A sk not if it is doable; rather, what more needs to be done by you.
N ever give in to the regret of taking action—even if it’s not what you expected, you learn.
G racefully and humbly welcome everyone in to your endeavors; forget your pride.
E xpect powerful outcomes and embrace the path you’ve been set on.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

Overthink – Poetry


Another day begins afresh;
The sun’s bright rays beating down my neck
The snow settles; melts into the earth
All the while my mind starts racing to conclusions first

Am I liked? Am I hated? Why do I feel isolated?
Where’s the love from last week? Why do aspirations feel bleak?
If I do this–will it work out fine? Can it get done, finished by my exact timeline?
When I try to succeed will I ever finish first? Am I relegated to forever second place or worse?

That time I said that thing, did it hurt their heart? Was it a stab wound from my sword or an old scab picked apart?
Am I too pushy, too prideful, too living in vain? Too close to the sun, Icarus falling to the sea in shame?
Am I learning my lessons, taking the narrowest road with a smile?
Or am I too complacent to the world trying to take the widest mile?

Have I loved enough to others? Given compassion to every soul?
Am I following the trap of “comfy”, and missing the point of the whole?
Is it me reaching out or really me retreating in?
Am I neglecting opportunities and being selfish from within?

So many questions spring up
But I can’t get a single, solid answer.
I guess too much time on my hands
Sometimes is my mind’s own cancer.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

Storm – Poetry

The wind howls.
The rain slams into my house at 100 miles per hour.
It’s almost like a sheet of wet pouring from the skies,
Or the invasion of ten thousand and one angry, irate flies.

The trees shake.
Their branches quiver at the slight of the wind.
They look so unsure and much less confident than before,
Almost depressed at the beating yet bracing for a whole lot more.

The sky grays.
A shadow of stoic unmet expectation falls.
It proceeds to cast its doubt on basically everything in my sight,
It steals the brightness that was once so prevalent in life.

Yet still truth.
Maybe the rain and the storm in passing is warranted.
The act of letting go, so violently is symbolic as the water falls,
Just as well, when storms come and go those trees, nourished, will once again stand tall.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

Upright – Hip-Hop/Poetry

“Even in darkness light draws for the upright,
for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.
He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.”
-Psalm 112:4, 7

The Lord tells me
Even in the darkness light draws for the upright
I wish I knew that when I woke up from last night
My back aches spine sore not sure from all the weight
Or was I curled up sheets a womb fetal afraid for my future’s sake

Was I late?
Too late in timing missed the twisting of my bones
Too late to escape the slouch that took the confidence I’d ever known?
After scraping crust off my eyes icey windshield in the winter
Epiphany flew in faster than Tom Cruise n’ Val Kilmer


The gracious compassionate and righteous man indeed
Can be the key unlock the chest in every real man’s buried sea
Forfeit the mind’s yearn of dissecting rungs of the ladder
Love and do right for compassion is the fact of the greatest matter


Bad news flies at me in these times of humility
The enemy is knowingly
Rocking me
Off my steeze

No I won’t back down or fear of the worst condition
No I won’t forfeit the rights that in truth my King has given
No dark thoughts you cannot have all that you want
My morale ain’t a Golden Corral find another buffet to go hunt

What do I want?

I want a heart that un-relents remains beating
Steadfast to a promise a confidence soaring fleeting
I want to show love and cry for you in your time
My heart isn’t just for me it’s for you, for all time.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

Bridge – A Short Poem

I am a bridge
You step on me, but I was built to endure.

My beginning was built from the scraps
I was nothing but a tiny thing in the dirt
You probably stepped over me then, too.
That’s okay.

I am a bridge
You step on me, but I was built to endure.

Someone was kind enough to take my nothings
Cobble them together into this structure
Give me a purpose that is unique
A path that is put on me.

I am a bridge
You step on me, but I was built to endure.

I see other bridges sometimes
They might be shinier, or more “polished”
But when the wind blows; the storms crash
They topple.

I am a bridge
You step on me, but I don’t grumble.

My function is to connect with love
It’s to get one to another
To bridge the gap and give opportunities
In places unknown.

I am a bridge.
You step on me, and I am thankful.

Heart – A Short Poem


It’s a tender thing to learn to accept

Sometimes it’s beautiful
Beating to the tune of 150 BPM
Feeling freedom within every breath
Pulsating with the knowledge
That the rhythm is but a beautiful dance

Sometimes it’s ugly
Beating to the tune of 150 BPM
Fueled only by sordid motives each sec
Pumping with an adamant goal
To make another heart feel its’ raging steps

It’s a tender thing to learn to accept

Sometimes it just needs rest.