Moments – Every Moment Has Meaning


It’s not a singular thing that we can definitively grasp and say, “Yeah, I totally understand that.” Really, the only reason why we have a moderate understanding of it is because of two simple things: the sun rising and setting every day, and clocks, which were our own invention.

And often times, within the confines of our own crazy lives, we try to put time in a box. Strange isn’t it? It’s akin to trying to catch air—you just don’t!

“This exact moment five years ago was the worst,” “I bet if this happened at this time instead, I would be better off,” or even, “Let’s just skip ahead to this,” are all phrases we’ve either heard or said at some point. It’s natural for us. We want to feel like we “get it”—like we’re in control. We sometimes even go one step further and try to make up imaginary moments to make us feel a certain way—assuming things, hypothesizing events, or trying to predict our futures. We want to master the most confusing elements of time and assign some sense to them.

Let me tell you something, though: time has no master, except God.

And God would like to tell you, that every moment has a distinct meaning, unique to only you.

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“Not Never, Later” – Staying Firm While Being Humble

As I wrote in my last post, life has admittedly come at me tough.

I’ve had my ups and downs, and to be completely transparent, still to this day wrestle with my inner demons. Am I confident today? Will I make it to my goals? Are my goals still my goals? Am I staying true to God’s path for me? Is it okay to give up? Am I a failure?

All perfectly normal questions that we might ask ourselves in times of duress. Let’s face it, when your back is to the wall, you have either two options: fight, or flight, and in either of those options your mind still wants to hypothesize; it still wants to try to guess the end result. There’s something that is worth embracing in these moments though, and it’s often tough to think about when haymakers are being thrown at your face every second:

“Not never, later.”

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Morning Short #7 – Clay

8Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand.” –Isaiah 64:8

Think back to when you were in grade school, and you were playing with Play-Doh, or putty. Back then, it was an adventure—what could you make out of this random, extraordinary substance? Anything you could possibly imagine, right? The scope of what you could create was limited only by your childlike imagination, and as a kid, that’s a really wide scope! So you set to work and put your hands deep into it; you spent what seemed like immeasurable time trying to painstakingly make the perfect elephant, or the greatest spaceship you could think of.

You knew when everything was said and done, and you showed the finished product to your friends, parents and teachers, that it was going to be amazing—the best thing you’ve ever made.

Guess what? That’s how God imagines you, too.

Today, when you put your whole faith in Him, keep this in mind: not only is it just a painstaking process for you to be crafted as clay by the ultimate potter, but it’s the potter’s sheer and utter joy to make you into what you will be! He delights in using his vast imagination—and that’s a whole lot of imagination beyond us, because Dad’s omniscient—and is excited, just as you were, to see the end result! God is absolutely pumped to be working on you, the clay, and He, the potter, because you are an amazing creation, and are being lovingly and joyously shaped for His purposes.

Rejoice in the process of being yet still an unfinished piece of pottery. There’s a whole lot of excitement and love going into this process of making you…you.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

The Real Reason Why – I Work Out

On some mornings—after I get done with my morning routine—I like to browse the internet in search of stuff to inspire me to hit the keyboard and write. In my opinion, the best way to get decent at your craft is to practice it a lot. So for me, that means reading a lot to write even more. Pretty sure I have 3 books I’m juggling reading, all at the same time right now, but that’s beside the point.

I wandered over to and found this fun little article, “The Real Reason I Work Out? Because I Want to Live in Leggings”. Granted, I don’t wear leggings, and I never will (99.9% guaranteed!)—but the article really made me smile.

The article is nothing comprehensive, nothing crazy deep, and that’s the good thing. Because it’s simple and a point of inspiration.

So I decided to write my own.

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A Letter to My Inspirations

A Shoutout to My Inspirations,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for, first of all, being yourself. You never set out to be a different man or woman than what you are now—all you knew you wanted to do was succeed at being the best “you” as humanly possible. In doing so, you were—knowingly or not—writing a story for me, and the rest of us, to read. A story that would give us the excitement to get up early in the morning and push out more sweat; create more bruises; fail more to learn more. That same story helps us get to sleep at night; we close our eyes and drift off into our subconscious, all the while saying, “I can because they did.” You crafted that story.

Thank you for enduring criticism. No one may ever know the struggles you faced, or the pains that you endured to get to where you are now—our stories are all different, of course. But I know you did—I know that behind all the Instagram pictures and Facebook posts, well before I started breaking, you were in a constant battle. A battle with doubt. Were you truly good enough, or was your mind just making the impossible seem possible? A battle with fear. What if you fail, what then? A battle with people and words. Critics deriding your every move, your style, your passion; telling you you’re “whack” or that you are trash; others who would put no confidence behind you—you would feel alone, isolated in your quest.

Had it not been for your mettle; your selflessness to endure for the culture and your will, there would be no one for me, or anyone else for that matter, to relate to. There would be no one that could show us that, although you may lose on the floor or in the cypher, the battle off the floor is what really molds you. Those are lessons that may get taken for granted by some, but by me, I am so grateful.

Thank you for educating and reaching out. I’m sure you are well aware, but your words and knowledge have far more impact than any one move. You helped generate an interest in my generation’s pursuit of the craft; helped us understand that our dance has roots, a culture, and a history that truly separates us from others. Besides the moves you helped me understand and learn, you spoke words that would fundamentally shape my essence and soul in being a B-Boy. More importantly, you show—and continue to show me—that being educated opens doors to not just the dance, but life; doors that once opened are never shut.

You taught me that being a B-Boy is being a member of a family, a worldwide community. And to share it; to pass things forward humbly creates bonds that last for a lifetime.

Last of all, thank you for continuing to break. I know that sounds odd, but seriously, you are showing not just me, but everyone, that real Hip-Hop and breaking is a lifestyle that spans generations. You are showing that joy comes not in success, but in a legacy that goes beyond age or occupation—life as a B-Boy can be lived, and lived in balance with anything and everything else.

To you: to the generations of breakers before me, and to my inspirations that preceded me and continue to keep me on my toes.

Thank you.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach