Dieting – Consistency is Key (for Your Health)

A new article on about a very new study explaining why consistency in dieting is so important:

Dieting – Consistency is Key (for Your Health)


The Power of Practice – What Practice Means for You

In my last piece, “The Real Reason Why – I Work Out”, I wrote the following:

“In my opinion, the best way to get decent at your craft is to practice it a lot.”

And today, I thought I would shed some seriously awesome info with you as to why—and how—practice actually effects your proficiency at any given subject. Whether that be writing as I am now, solving complex mathematical equations, singing, or playing a sport—practice does scientifically help you get better at a skill.

Practice may never lead us to be perfect—we’re never going to reach that bar objectively—but it sure will help us in another big way.

Making us a beast at what we do.

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Anxiety Pains – Pain in the Heart, Pain in the Body

Anxiety is a real obnoxious thing, am I right?

Everything gets worse when your mind is clouded with anxiety. Time starts to slow down—and not in the cool way, like when you’re making that last second three point shot, or kissing your significant other for the first time—it slows down in a way where everything awful goes on forever. Your mood swings immediately from happy-go-lucky to a nervous wreck. You get the shakes, and a tendency to start freaking out a bit.

Yeah, anxiety is a real pain.

But it’s not just a pain mentally—actually, anxiety can hurt a lot physically. That’s right. Anxiety can very literally hurt.

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The Best Alternative to Soda (Pop)

So I’ve written a couple of times about soda, and it being a formidable enemy to the fitness/weight-loss habits of pretty much anyone, ever. And that still remains true—all of those studies I linked in those articles aren’t going away, and aren’t disappearing anytime in the near future.

The fact remains that soda is loaded with sugar, and can largely contribute to whether you’re tipping that scale the wrong direction or not.

But there is an alternative—one I feel like is forgotten and mostly overlooked, simply because it’s a bit different, unpopular and painfully obvious to start trying.

Carbonated (Sparkling) Water.

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5 Easy Diet Tips and 5 Simple Exercises to Compliment Them

As much as I love a good work out, going to a studio or gym to train, and constantly trying to maintain habits, I understand that life is difficult. Sometimes you are just so overwhelmed—scheduling, work, relationships, etc.—that you can’t maintain consistency all the time. It’s difficult trying to stay on the grind and in the zone all the time! That much is 100% certain, no matter how solid your habits and routine has become.

Everyone’s goals are different: you just want to shed some pounds; or you just want to fit into those specific jeans; or your body is worn and you need to ease up more.

At the end of the day, everyone’s goals are the same. You want to better your body and you want to look good.

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No, Looking at Food Doesn’t Contribute to Fat Gain

Last Sunday night was the first night of my girlfriend and I being together in months in her new home city. The best thing about walking around with my girlfriend is the fact that—for the past year and a half (give or take) that we’ve been together, we can make literally anything enjoyable. That night in particular, we decided to waltz into a CVS pharmacy. We danced around aisles, made jokes, and generally enjoyed each other’s company. Once we wandered into the magazine aisle, though, something caught our eye.

A prominent magazine has a headline in big, bold letters: “The new science behind your weight gain”.

She grins and looks at me, “Let’s read it and hear your thoughts.”

Oh this’ll be good.

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A Few Healthy Suggestions for our Daily Routines

While taking a drive in my friend’s car, the inevitable discussion of nutrition and lifestyle habits arose—which is kind of expected for me, these days. I don’t like to tell people how to live their life, or profess that I am the greatest at what I do…in anything. In reality, a lot of my conversations in terms of “skills” and “things I do” center around me deflecting my abilities or flat out putting myself down.

“Wow, you are good at basketball!” No, I only can shoot the three occasionally, and I’m streaky. Oh, and I can’t drive the ball in the paint for my life, because I’m too small and skinny. You’ll kill me down low.

“Wow, you’re dope at breaking!” Nah, there are peers that are much better than me. I just want to be the best at what I do. Really, I give credit to the guys who came before me—they set the precedent for me to express my originality.

“Wow good job at [insert thing here]!” And you can count on it that you’ll never see me do that again.

Back to the car ride—we got to talking about why I’m so overly disciplined and conscious about my eating habits. Suffice to say, she hit the nail on the head: to me, control over my urges for food shows control over my urges in life. It’s a way for me to affirm, to myself and others, my level of discipline. And when I do that, I can show others a relatable piece of hard work and commitment; if I can ingrain self-control into my life, so can you.

So then the question that always comes up, in that conversation and others, is this: “What else can we do to be more healthy…instead of just be super mindful about food?”

The answer is: quite a bit, and they aren’t nearly as hard.

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