Dieting – Consistency is Key (for Your Health)

A new article on about a very new study explaining why consistency in dieting is so important:

Dieting – Consistency is Key (for Your Health)


5 Easy Diet Tips and 5 Simple Exercises to Compliment Them

As much as I love a good work out, going to a studio or gym to train, and constantly trying to maintain habits, I understand that life is difficult. Sometimes you are just so overwhelmed—scheduling, work, relationships, etc.—that you can’t maintain consistency all the time. It’s difficult trying to stay on the grind and in the zone all the time! That much is 100% certain, no matter how solid your habits and routine has become.

Everyone’s goals are different: you just want to shed some pounds; or you just want to fit into those specific jeans; or your body is worn and you need to ease up more.

At the end of the day, everyone’s goals are the same. You want to better your body and you want to look good.

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No, Looking at Food Doesn’t Contribute to Fat Gain

Last Sunday night was the first night of my girlfriend and I being together in months in her new home city. The best thing about walking around with my girlfriend is the fact that—for the past year and a half (give or take) that we’ve been together, we can make literally anything enjoyable. That night in particular, we decided to waltz into a CVS pharmacy. We danced around aisles, made jokes, and generally enjoyed each other’s company. Once we wandered into the magazine aisle, though, something caught our eye.

A prominent magazine has a headline in big, bold letters: “The new science behind your weight gain”.

She grins and looks at me, “Let’s read it and hear your thoughts.”

Oh this’ll be good.

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