Building a Legacy – The Least of Builds Greatness

When you look outside, what do you see?

Clouds? Trees? Grass and dirt probably, right? And all of these things in their own right are beautiful. Clouds, on the forefront of a bright, blue canvas of a sky can spark our imagination. They can bring out the nostalgia we had as children when we laid on the yard and imagined seeing dogs and spaceships. Trees, in a group, can look like a parade of colors on a beautiful fall day; they can give us a show by themselves when their leaves shed and a chilly wind graces our skin. Grass can complete the picture—a green pasture that makes you just want to relax and have a picnic.

But what do all these things have in common, besides the fact that they can be beautiful, or are of nature? I’ll tell you.

They are all built from the smallest of things. They all are a compound of many to complete a greater whole. Clouds have water particles and condensation; trees have leaves, bark and roots; grass has dirt and fibers. And all of these things are built by even more miniscule molecules to make even their lesser parts.

They all start from humble, small beginnings to build something grand.

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Nutrition Goals Pt. 2 – The Basics of Exercise

If you turn on the television these days to any major news channel, talk show, or even dedicated fitness channel, you’re going to see a ton of various thoughts on how to “workout” and “get in shape”. Fitness “gurus” are going to tell you their opinions on how you should go about maintaining your body. Heck, we are even bombarded when programs aren’t on with the latest in “top-line” exercise equipment and accessories! It can be a bit overbearing, and a bit much. You probably even remember hearing these same key phrases growing up, before you even cared about exercise:  You should do X thing on this many days for this much time. This machine is better than this exercise because it works out parts A, B and C of your body. Do you wanna get TONED? It’s BEACH season, so do this to get those sexy abs!

Newsflash. Exercise has become a provocative industry for people to say anything, and do anything, to get your money and earn your trust. Because what better way to get people’s trust than promising and helping them get the body they have always wanted?

But this just in:  you don’t necessarily need to shell out hundreds of dollars on fancy new equipment or magic accessories, or even “top of the line” exercise experts to coach you! You just need sound knowledge, a strong work ethic, and most importantly, discipline.

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Nutrition Goals pt. 1 – Help You Help Yourself

Bulking, cutting, gains, TDEE. You might have heard a lot of “gym bros” talk about those phrases at your local gym or fitness center. And when you hear those terms, you probably end up asking yourself, what does that even mean? Does it mean getting bigger in general? Is it a special diet program that for some reason a bunch of people are flocking to? Should I want to do those things? What do I have to do and is it hard?

All of those are valid questions, and I’m here to tell you, it’s different for everyone. Everyone is going to have different body compositions (genetically) and different goals for themselves.

But one thing remains the same for all of the people that say them: they all want to better themselves through fitness!

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Resilience – Setbacks Only Set Up Comebacks

Often times we think of setbacks as a negative, when in reality setbacks set us up for comebacks.

If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, this life that we live can be ridiculously tough. It can seem less like the roller coaster people often compare it to—because roller coasters are actually always fun—and more like a knock-down, drag out fight, complete with blood, bruises and tears. Constantly taking hits and all sorts of punishment; mental, physical, emotional, you name it, those pains can and often do feel never ending for many of us. We see the scars. We see the opponent, the Enemy. We tense up, and start thinking about reacting; about fighting back.

Except in our fights, many times we aren’t the Ali or the Jordan, or even the Rocky Balboa, all of whom had the strength to take the puncher’s chance and make the fight…well, a fight.

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ICYMI: In Case You Missed It #1

ICYMI #1 2016.11.02

Sometimes I will post other tidbits that pertain to my personal endeavors (B-boy or writing/speaking). These are the ICYMI posts (In Case You Missed It)!

ICYMI #1 (2016.11.02)

A while back I was featured on the popular Christian Hip-Hop site, for the short write up of “How Christian Hip-Hop Changed my Life”! Link after the jump:

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To My Young, Christian Brothers & Sisters

To My Young Christian Brothers and Sisters: His Life is a Free Life

By Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

                It’s tough being a “young generation” Christian sometimes. Whether you are twenty-something or in your teenage years, it seems as though life—Satan—the world is always trying to crucify you or justify how ridiculous of a person you are. “You’re too fat,” they will say. “You don’t have the talent,” others will cry. “You don’t understand,” they will call from the rafters. People will attempt, justly or not, to constrict you—to try to clip your wings from you, and you will inevitably feel and possibly succumb to that.

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What is F34A?

A brief intro to F34A

Welcome to F3 For Answers (F34A)!

This blog is the brainchild of Michael “Roach1” Roach, a Christ-first B-boy and writer. The aim of this site is to inspire, motivate and inform people about a variety of issues and topics that are all centered around these three things:

Footwork (dance, but mostly Breaking)

Also,  the key F3 is used as the search function to find things on a webpage (all of you college students should know this by now), so in essence this blog wants to serve you as a site for finding information that interests you.

It may be stories of personal experiences.
It may be poems.
It may be articles, research and interviews.

It will be all of those things, but most importantly, it will be a chance for me to communicate with you about things that you care about.

Welcome to F3 For Answers.