Plans – Wrestling with What Is and What Isn’t

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

No, I’m not dead. I’m very much still here, actually.

I’m still dancing, and that’s not going too bad for me.

I’m still studying health science in my spare time for fun, still exercising and dieting, and still dating the same wonderful woman I have been for what will be coming up to two years now. If I count all those things, I should be feeling blessed. I should be feeling like I’m more than content, but happy, and not needing of assistance from people.

But in all reality, I’m actually struggling.

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A Sincere Thank You to 100 Followers!


Now I know, in the vast blogging world, 100 followers isn’t really that much. But all along, through the ups and downs of writing and figuring out this whole “publishing your own content on the Interwebz” thing, I would always set little goals for myself. Little things like, get at least two comments on a post; get 5 likes; test shorter form writing vs. long form, stuff like that. And as I continued to prod along–even as life like it is right now is kind of crazy–I would always dismiss the amount of people who actually read my work and *GASP* liked it.

I said to myself, “If I every make it to 100 followers, that is a clear sign that I need to continue writing. If somehow 100 people even remotely like my writing, then…God should keep me accountable in moving forward with writing.”

And now, here we all are together, at 100.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for sticking around and reading. Old readers and new alike, your even paying attention to my writing means the world to me.

As I fight my own fights outside of writing (aka my life, haha), and go through spurts of little to no content production, my Bboy career’s peaks and valleys, and of course, employment and whatnot, it warms my heart knowing this here has, by God’s grace, actually become something worth being proud of.

So thank you, to every one of you, for giving me hope. For encouraging me, even ever so silently, to continue pursuing what God has called me to pursue.

Let’s get to 500, shall we? Why not.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

Two Blogs!?

Wow. God is good.

Recently I was contacted by, a really awesome site that is not only a great blogging platform, but a place for people to come together and share about what they’re passionate about. This site is a sister site to the primary site, Movie Pilot (their bio: “We are a pop-culture digital magazine and social publisher with a difference: our content is created by fans, for fans.”); and is also a sister site with Now Loading (video games), and Champions (Mixed Martial Arts).

Basically, it’s a huge network of awesome and passionate creators from a wide range of subjects. Truly something to get excited about!


So now, the announcement: I’ll be juggling between writing TWO blogs! That means TWICE the content for you all to read! My first featured piece, “Success – What It Is, and What It Isn’t“, can be found by clicking this link or the title.

In terms of what you’ll get over there at my blog, it will be generally the same content subject-wise; I’m keeping to my mantra of “faith, fitness, and footwork”. The only difference is that you might see different, completely fresh, new pieces over there, that you can only read from there. There might be some cross posts from F3 For Answers as well, but rest assured, some content will be different.

This is still my primary blog though, so expect this blog to always be updated first and foremost! 

Thank you for reading and following my blog, and I hope that as we continue moving forward together, we can continue to enjoy the ride.

Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

봄의 첫날(First Day of Spring) – A Reflection of Winter

This morning, after my normal routine of scripture reading, studying and journaling, I decided to peer into the world of Facebook. These days Facebook is less like an addiction to me and more like a casual “whatever” type thing to do—I used to be absolutely gripped by it, and found myself constantly checking my social media. These days though, not so much—I’ve taken a couple fasts from social media for extended periods of time, and it’s really helped me keep my focus on more important and work-worthy matters. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime.

Anyway, the very first thing I see in a pretty picture, shoved right in my face: “Hey Michael, it’s the first day of spring!”

Is it really, now?

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International Women’s Day – Celebrating and Recognizing Women

Today is March 8th, and as some of you might recall, today is International Women’s Day! Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong ladies out there!

To set the record straight, today isn’t just a made up holiday. International Women’s Day is an important day to recognize the many achievements of women throughout the world in a variety of realms—from the political, to the social. This day is very much about women demanding equality in varying arenas of life historically; but this day also marks a day where women and men can come together in unity and celebration for women. From the powerful activism of Rosa Parks, to the love and hard work of the mother that raised you; today is about the importance of women in the world.

A brief history

Rosa Parks, a significant woman in history.

According to The Telegraph, the roots of International Women’s Day can be traced all the way back to 1908, when 15,000 women participated in a march through NYC to demand a slew of important issues be recognized, like voting rights and equal pay. Fast forward two years to 1910, and after Clara Zetkin, a woman representing the Social Democratic Party in Germany, proposed the idea; and a counsel of more than 100 women from 17 different countries agreed to it—IWD was made a legitimate day. The year 1913 is when the day was moved to March 8th, the day we celebrate it currently[1].

Men: we can join the women in our lives, too

As I alluded to earlier, today represents a day where women’s importance and role in society are rightfully recognized—real talk though, respectable men out there, we should be recognizing the importance of women in our lives every day. Because of that, guys, we should be putting our hearts out there today, too. If you have a mom, you should thank her and give her due respect for dealing with you (I did). If you have a significant other, girlfriend or spouse, you should tell her you love her and appreciate her role in your relationship. Go to your grandma today, give her a hug, and tell her she’s amazing (and also that her cookies are the bomb).

Understand that even as men, we need women in our lives. They are the people that help give us a future; the same people who endure endless amounts of ridiculous pain to bring us into the world. They are the forces in our lives that show us support and love, and work just as hard to be there for us as we do for them. On a less serious note, they tolerate our BS and egos when really we should be humbled—and sometimes they are awesome enough to do that for us, too.

Women are the teachers that pour into us to make us more intelligent; women are the nurses and medical professionals who help us when our bodies fail us. Women are the managers and bosses at our jobs that keep a level head and help us out, even when we probably suck and don’t deserve it sometimes. They’re beautiful artists, dope B-girls, powerful journalists, and even members of our government.

Don’t be afraid, no matter where you are, or who you are—to stand up for the rights of the women that surround you. Make it known that you think women are just as important as men in today’s society, whether you are a woman or a man. Join women not just today, but every day, in mutual understanding that their rights are worth standing up for, and that their role in our world is not only seen, but valued.

On a day that is designed for the recognition and rights of women, do just that—recognize their rights and their achievements.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

[1] International Women’s Day 2017: What is it, how did it start and why is it so important?

Some Birthday Reflections


It’s February 7th, and once again, my birthday has come. It’s kind of weird to me, the appeal and celebration of a birthday—sure, when I was a kid I used to love my birthday, because of presents and parties. But as I grew older, especially when I got into my junior and senior years of university, I cared a lot less about celebrating my day of birth. A lot of people give me flak about how I feel about my birthday. They jokingly prod me, saying, “It’s your birthday though! Who doesn’t celebrate their birthday? This is the day you were born; the day God brought you into this world!”

Yes, you’re all right, this is a day that I should be thankful for.

And I am, deep down, always grateful to God for putting me on this earth. For me to be living and breathing, able to dance; able to make relationships—that’s a heck of a blessing. A lot of the time in the hustle and bustle of life, I, like many of us, forget to really reflect on those types of things. But birthdays come, and, well, here we are. Celebrating (internally, without the party or fanfare) the fact that I’m another year older, and another year wiser.

So instead of making some post about what I’m doing today for my birthday (hint: nothing remotely exciting), I wanted to share why I’m thankful on this day, and why today is special to me. Just without the “doing extra special stuff” part.

I’m really thankful for my loving girlfriend. We’ve been through our ups and downs—what couple hasn’t—but for her to stick with a guy like me for about a year and a half now, coming to two, is amazing to me. She is so gracious, loving, and a lot of the time more of an example of humility and doing what Jesus would do than me.

I’m really thankful for my birth mother for putting me up for adopting me. She knew she didn’t have the financial means, or the perfect life situation to handle taking care of me. So she did the most intelligent yet extremely difficult decision of probably her whole life, and gave me to an adoption agency to have a better life. Without this pivotal life choice, I probably wouldn’t even be alive.

Just as well, I’m super thankful for my adoptive parents for raising me. Yeah, we might disagree on things or argue—we are very different people with very different blood, after all—but they raised me, in my opinion, right. They taught me character and hard work, responsibility, and through it all still loved and supported my decisions and gave me a lot of freedom and independence because of those lessons they taught.

I’m thankful for my friends, who act as family to me. Friends come and go, but there are so many people that I’ve met that have touched my heart. They have supported and been there genuinely with me through the crappy times, and even recently, reached out in really powerful ways. Even when I fail, they refuse to leave. What amazing, amazing people.

I’m thankful for the support of people for what I do. We may not know each other personally, or have met face-to-face, but even these days it’s so humbling to get to know people who follow my dancing and writing. You guys keep me going, especially in these days where things are kind of tough.

I’m thankful God gave me the opportunity to now be forever linked to my heritage. Going back to South Korea was always a dream of mine as a kid, and if it weren’t for God making things line up just right back in university, I would have never gone. It changed me so much as a man of Christ, and as a person in general, that it’s natural (and right) for me to call Korea “home”, and to be so connected with friends over there, too.

I’m thankful people refuse to quit. Seriously, every one of you who doesn’t allow defeat to define you; who doesn’t allow negativity to persuade you to something else…you guys make my life brighter. Because we all have greatness in us, and all have destinies that we have to achieve. Now, more than ever in America, I see more people refusing to lie down and fight for right ideals and virtues, and it inspires me and heartens me to continue with my mission as well.

On a small, less powerful note, I’m thankful I haven’t broken a bone. No, seriously. I do crazy stuff as a B-Boy, and I haven’t broken anything yet. What a blessing.

On this day, most importantly I want to celebrate you. The readers, and the people out there who are doing their thing! You’re doing so much more than you know. People are counting on you for a whole slew of things: love, caring, motivation, relationships, inspiration, action, and more! You are what makes others around you pick themselves up and take another step forward in this muddy swamp we call living. You are the people that are fueling our world to greater things—and no matter how big or small your actions are, they are building. They are building, and they are making our world a better place, one day, one second at a time.

Thank you everyone, for being who you are.

Thank you everyone, for doing what’s right and following what God’s given you.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

Journal – A Look into Routine

I thought today I would do something a little different. I am a real believer in being transparent and being genuinely real to people. Sometimes that means they get offended or feel challenged, and most of the time it earns respect and shows how God has put it on my heart to invest in people. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done–I can guarantee you I will approach you the same as my mother or father. That means candid, upfront, unafraid and firmly rooted.

Everyday I write in a spiritual journal. It wasn’t until after my move back to the US that I feel I was meant to keep my feelings accounted for in tangible writing; genuinely I really enjoy it, too. The routine is pretty simple: coffee, read scripture and devotional, reflect, write.

So here is today’s. Here is a glimpse of what I think in the AM with God and my honest, real feelings. Can’t guarantee this will happen a lot, but I felt it a good change of pace. 

Also please excuse the formatting as I wrote this on my tablet after journaling.

Dec 9th 11:08am

Strangely, in another turn of events, I woke up angry. Again. I don’t know why this keeps happening. I’m just more readily angered. Three years ago I got my Korean driver’s license on this very day.

In Korea I felt alone yet at peace. I felt slow to anger, slower to judge. I was so much more at peace there. It’s kind of sad looking back.

Now I’m angry more often. I’m quick to get upset. Or…more quick, anyway. God you have instilled in me patience and empathy, no doubt. I was lacking it before Korea. And I do feel it is harder to anger now than before I lived in Korea.

It’s just such a stark contrast here than there. It saddens me deep down. Sometimes I just want to bail. Move back. Start back where I left off.

But I know deep down You brought me here to be a light. To be a real representation of You in a time where “real” is a dying breed, and in a country that is fighting and faltering in itself.

God, I pray you give me courage. I see the blessings. I also see the mountain escalating. Continue loving and working in me. 

Let me continue to fight for You. Let me love and rely on you in every situation.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach