About F34A

It started as a simple thought.

“I want to help people and connect with people.”

The only problem was, as I walked through the corn fields of Indiana, that I was only really “good” at three things these days. Talking about and helping others through my daily walk with God, being a B-boy, and writing. As the wind blew behind my neck and the rustle of crops whispered in my ears, I was pretty sure I heard God in my head.

“Why don’t you just combine the three then and take a leap of faith that you are willing to commit to for me?”

And so here we are, taking a step out of the boat and onto the waters.

“F3 For Answers” stands for Faith, Fitness and Footwork.

It is a blog that is dedicated to informing and inspiring people through not only my interests in living a Christ-centered lifestyle, staying fit and healthy, and dancing as a B-Boy, but through what you‘re interested in reading! The whole aim of this blog is get people active in living out their passions, seeing Christ in a less-than-traditional lens, and loving themselves. It’s about connecting one another and motivating each other to reach the absolute peak, without compromising what we love.

Blog posts. Yup.
Articles. Yup.
Research. Yup.
Videos and pictures. You bet.
Poems and writing? Most likely.
Harambe memes? …probably not.

I’m here to do what God has called me to do, and that is to connect with you. To share the struggles of life, and at the same time be a bro when you need one. F34A  is something I created because I have a passion for helping inspire people, and giving back.

I hope you enjoy the content, and feel free to contact me via e-mail at dancermikeroach@gmail.com


~Michael “BboyRoach1” Roach