The Real Reason Why – I Work Out

On some mornings—after I get done with my morning routine—I like to browse the internet in search of stuff to inspire me to hit the keyboard and write. In my opinion, the best way to get decent at your craft is to practice it a lot. So for me, that means reading a lot to write even more. Pretty sure I have 3 books I’m juggling reading, all at the same time right now, but that’s beside the point.

I wandered over to and found this fun little article, “The Real Reason I Work Out? Because I Want to Live in Leggings”. Granted, I don’t wear leggings, and I never will (99.9% guaranteed!)—but the article really made me smile.

The article is nothing comprehensive, nothing crazy deep, and that’s the good thing. Because it’s simple and a point of inspiration.

So I decided to write my own.

The Real Reason Why I Work Out? I Want Confidence (Especially When I Get Old)

I was never a super athletic guy in my kid years, as is well documented in some of my past writings here on this blog. Quite frankly, I sucked at just about every sport I tried—or I was average, at best. And for some reason, when everyone else was killing it, getting bigger and growing up, I seemed to be…lagging behind. “Check it out, I learned how to throw a spiral football,” a friend would say. And I would go back to video games.

Even in chores around the house—especially the outdoors-y kind, as my dad loves that kind of work—I was an epic fail. I couldn’t lift as much; couldn’t pull my weight as much. No wonder my dad’s back would go out occasionally. He was doing like, 90% of the work!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Me as a kid in my soccer-league days. Shoutouts to refrigerator magnets. Original photo: Michael Roach

I eventually got exposed to more rigorous, serious workouts from wrestling in high school, but even then I still felt a bit incapable. That’s easy to feel when you’re surrounded by dudes who regularly throw other dudes around on a daily basis.

Then college came. Then B-Boying seriously started happening. Then I started to lift, do body weight exercises. Then I graduated, moved to Korea, and started training even harder with breaking—doing more weights, studying health science, running and the like.

I noticed people couldn’t keep up sometimes. I noticed my body looked different—a lot different, actually. I noticed people gave me props when I worked out. I noticed I got better at breaking.


A vastly different life change.

Woah. So this is what it feels like to finally feel good about yourself.

Working out, for me anyway, has never been about trying to get that six pack, or being chiseled like a Greek god (although six packs are cool). Those are all periphery. The real benefit to working out for me, is a huge lifestyle change mentally. I feel like I can hang with anyone because I work out. I have a confidence that exceeds my slim body.

I can do crazy moves that no one else can do, and it comes from training and working out.

When God gave me—finally—the ability to become athletic, He miraculously gave me something that I really didn’t have growing up: a whole lot of confidence in myself. My confidence doesn’t come from “looking good” per se, either. It comes from this feeling of overcoming a huge life obstacle—insecurity in my own body and abilities.

I was so insecure as a kid of my physical abilities and stature, that I always felt like I was less than second place.

But God has helped me overcome that, by patiently changing me and working me. Ironically, by the thing I used to hate the most.

Now I want to carry that confidence into being an old man. I want to be there for my wife feeling healthy and like a million dollars; and for my future kids, so that they can have a role model that teaches them confidence, too. There will be a time when someone will say, “I’ve lost a step, I’m not like I used to be,” and I’ll smile and say,

“I still feel pretty darn good.”

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach


Author: f3foranswers

A Christ-first B-boy, writer, and fitness-nut. Owner of the blog "F3 For Answers".

3 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why – I Work Out”

    1. Hi there Mike (great name, by the way!),

      Thank you so much for reading it! I’m really glad you found it inspirational! I have not had my writing (specifically from this blog) featured on any other sites really at all, but I am totally open to having my writing featured on other sites besides my own!

      Thanks for the comment and reaching out!


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