Anxiety Pains – Pain in the Heart, Pain in the Body

Anxiety is a real obnoxious thing, am I right?

Everything gets worse when your mind is clouded with anxiety. Time starts to slow down—and not in the cool way, like when you’re making that last second three point shot, or kissing your significant other for the first time—it slows down in a way where everything awful goes on forever. Your mood swings immediately from happy-go-lucky to a nervous wreck. You get the shakes, and a tendency to start freaking out a bit.

Yeah, anxiety is a real pain.

But it’s not just a pain mentally—actually, anxiety can hurt a lot physically. That’s right. Anxiety can very literally hurt.

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A Letter to My Inspirations

A Shoutout to My Inspirations,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for, first of all, being yourself. You never set out to be a different man or woman than what you are now—all you knew you wanted to do was succeed at being the best “you” as humanly possible. In doing so, you were—knowingly or not—writing a story for me, and the rest of us, to read. A story that would give us the excitement to get up early in the morning and push out more sweat; create more bruises; fail more to learn more. That same story helps us get to sleep at night; we close our eyes and drift off into our subconscious, all the while saying, “I can because they did.” You crafted that story.

Thank you for enduring criticism. No one may ever know the struggles you faced, or the pains that you endured to get to where you are now—our stories are all different, of course. But I know you did—I know that behind all the Instagram pictures and Facebook posts, well before I started breaking, you were in a constant battle. A battle with doubt. Were you truly good enough, or was your mind just making the impossible seem possible? A battle with fear. What if you fail, what then? A battle with people and words. Critics deriding your every move, your style, your passion; telling you you’re “whack” or that you are trash; others who would put no confidence behind you—you would feel alone, isolated in your quest.

Had it not been for your mettle; your selflessness to endure for the culture and your will, there would be no one for me, or anyone else for that matter, to relate to. There would be no one that could show us that, although you may lose on the floor or in the cypher, the battle off the floor is what really molds you. Those are lessons that may get taken for granted by some, but by me, I am so grateful.

Thank you for educating and reaching out. I’m sure you are well aware, but your words and knowledge have far more impact than any one move. You helped generate an interest in my generation’s pursuit of the craft; helped us understand that our dance has roots, a culture, and a history that truly separates us from others. Besides the moves you helped me understand and learn, you spoke words that would fundamentally shape my essence and soul in being a B-Boy. More importantly, you show—and continue to show me—that being educated opens doors to not just the dance, but life; doors that once opened are never shut.

You taught me that being a B-Boy is being a member of a family, a worldwide community. And to share it; to pass things forward humbly creates bonds that last for a lifetime.

Last of all, thank you for continuing to break. I know that sounds odd, but seriously, you are showing not just me, but everyone, that real Hip-Hop and breaking is a lifestyle that spans generations. You are showing that joy comes not in success, but in a legacy that goes beyond age or occupation—life as a B-Boy can be lived, and lived in balance with anything and everything else.

To you: to the generations of breakers before me, and to my inspirations that preceded me and continue to keep me on my toes.

Thank you.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

What Awakens Love?

To Christians, singles, and Christian-Singles, Kathy here writes a FANTASTIC piece just for you to reflect on!!

To The One Who Made My Heart Beat Again

Love alone could waken love.

Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. (Song of Songs 2:7 NIV)

I have been reading on the Song of Songs and was quite puzzled by this verse. It was also repeated in the book at chapter 3 verse 5.

The wisest man that ever lived says do not arouse love until it so desires.

I have asked anotherblogger friendabout the meaning of this verse in its simplest context. He said that this means that we do not have to insist on a romantic love relationship if it is not yet the right time.

But my point in asking was actually due to the personal nagging questions in my heart. The phrase “…until it so desires” intrigued me so much.

When is that…

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Change – Poetry

C are about the chance to take a step into the unknown, if only to get a glance at opportunity.
H ope in the confidence that, no matter what unravels, you truly are secure and it will be worth it.
A sk not if it is doable; rather, what more needs to be done by you.
N ever give in to the regret of taking action—even if it’s not what you expected, you learn.
G racefully and humbly welcome everyone in to your endeavors; forget your pride.
E xpect powerful outcomes and embrace the path you’ve been set on.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

봄의 첫날(First Day of Spring) – A Reflection of Winter

This morning, after my normal routine of scripture reading, studying and journaling, I decided to peer into the world of Facebook. These days Facebook is less like an addiction to me and more like a casual “whatever” type thing to do—I used to be absolutely gripped by it, and found myself constantly checking my social media. These days though, not so much—I’ve taken a couple fasts from social media for extended periods of time, and it’s really helped me keep my focus on more important and work-worthy matters. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime.

Anyway, the very first thing I see in a pretty picture, shoved right in my face: “Hey Michael, it’s the first day of spring!”

Is it really, now?

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Overthink – Poetry


Another day begins afresh;
The sun’s bright rays beating down my neck
The snow settles; melts into the earth
All the while my mind starts racing to conclusions first

Am I liked? Am I hated? Why do I feel isolated?
Where’s the love from last week? Why do aspirations feel bleak?
If I do this–will it work out fine? Can it get done, finished by my exact timeline?
When I try to succeed will I ever finish first? Am I relegated to forever second place or worse?

That time I said that thing, did it hurt their heart? Was it a stab wound from my sword or an old scab picked apart?
Am I too pushy, too prideful, too living in vain? Too close to the sun, Icarus falling to the sea in shame?
Am I learning my lessons, taking the narrowest road with a smile?
Or am I too complacent to the world trying to take the widest mile?

Have I loved enough to others? Given compassion to every soul?
Am I following the trap of “comfy”, and missing the point of the whole?
Is it me reaching out or really me retreating in?
Am I neglecting opportunities and being selfish from within?

So many questions spring up
But I can’t get a single, solid answer.
I guess too much time on my hands
Sometimes is my mind’s own cancer.

Written by: Michael “Bboy Roach1” Roach

Morning Short #6 – Gossip

“A gossip betrays a confidence,
but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.” –Proverbs 11:13 (NIV)

Being completely real, it’s extremely easy to gossip. It takes very little effort to think of someone and find fault, and want to talk about it. It’s even easier to hear personal things from someone—meant for only your ears—and tell someone else. That’s the weird thing about being human—we inherently want to judge, and want to find ourselves an excuse to slander even our friends. Think back to when you whispered words to a friend about someone else. Was it fruitful? Did you feel that you gained anything from it, besides maybe inflating your pride? Did it accomplish anything?

The answer is more often than not a resounding no. And there’s a reason for that—God doesn’t deal in un-truths and falsehoods, either. He doesn’t turn his back, go to one of his angels or another brother or sister in Christ and say blatant lies about you. Why? Because He works in absolute love, and that means transparency and honesty. He comforts you with the knowledge that what He has said—and is saying to you—is always 100% real, 100% the truth, and 100% from a place of affection. What’s more, He knows your darkest secrets, your inner most thoughts, and keeps them locked up.

He has no need to spread your baggage to everyone and their mothers, because your baggage isn’t most important to Him. Your heart is.

Today, believe in trust through truth. Know that love is reciprocated from an honest and truthful place. Keep in mind that God knows you inside and out, but your heart is the most precious thing—not your dirty laundry.

Written by: Michael “BBoy Roach1” Roach